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Classical Melodies 

In January 2013, Ward's creative prowess expanded and Classical Melodies was birthed. Classical Melodies is an exposure-based initiative dedicated to taking classical music to under and/or non-exposed audiences, particularly school-aged children. Ward's medium of exposure is through a piano and voice performance, emphasizing classical vocal repertoire including opera, art songs, and spirituals as well as historical aspects of the art form.  This presentation is approximately one hour. 


 Classical music, as a whole, is an under-celebrated genre with numerous benefits for students that are underutilized.  Ward believes, as well as proven statistics, children with musical interests can and do excel in the classroom.  Although music programs are being sacrificed daily, we cannot ignore its immeasurable rewards with possibilities including gaining a future colleague.       


The organizations motto-mission statement is "explore the unpopular and celebrate the classical arts with EVERYONE, not just the elite."  Ward is passionate about the mission and believes "classical music CAN change lives!"  

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